Limited Edition Small Batch Releases

The success of DEXTER Three Wood Bourbon is legendary.  All whiskies are made from grain.  The Dexter Great Grains Collection celebrates the four most popular whiskey grains – classic Dexter Three Wood Bourbon celebrates corn.  And we LOVE IT!

This year we were happy to produce three special Limited Editions Small Batch Releases for Wheat, Rye and Barley.   This unique collection brings the WOW quality of DEXTER Three Wood to the other grains.

DEXTER Small Batch Wheat  

One of the Three best Wheat Whiskies.

This WHEAT is the Pinot Noir of whiskey. The taste is DELICATE YET COMPLEX, with a flavor that is captivating.

Currently Sold Out

DEXTER Small Batch Rye

One of the Five best Rye Whiskies.  

This RYE will make you love rye whiskey. Its taste is BIG, BOLD, and COMPLEX, but without harshness.

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DEXTER Small Batch Single Malt 

One of the Twelve Best American Single Malts.

The Sherry cast notes come through immediately with this Single Malt.  The silken texture is intertwined with rich baking Spice notes, Plantain, Brown Sugar Oats and Wheat Crackers. 

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