Edmund Dexter, 1800’s Bourbon Blender

Dexter Three Wood is named in honor of the world famous 1800’s Bourbon Blender, Edmund Dexter.  His craftsmanship and commitment to quality was so renowned that Charles Dickens and King Edward VII even visited with him at his home on 4th street in Cincinnati.

Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished with

200 Year Oak, Cherry Wood & Maple Wood

In Edmund Dexter’s honor, we offer Dexter Three Wood.  It’s our quest to make a whiskey that has the style & quality that he might have served to Charles Dickens when he visited with him in 1842.

Connoisseurs seem to agree — The Ultimate Spirit Challenge Team gave Dexter Three Wood a rating of 95 points, their highest recommendation, & selected it as “One of the 12 Best Bourbons in the World.

The amazing flavor of Dexter Three Wood is because of the WoodCraft Finishing with three artisan woods.

Cherry Wood

Fresh & Bright Flavor

Maple Wood

Incredible Smoothness

Vintage 200 Year Oak

Delivers a Long & Luxurious Finish

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See what Bourbon Thought Leaders are saying about Dexter Bourbon

“This whiskey has one of the best … the really strongest pleasant flavors when it first hits the palate… really, really nice.”

“In a Blind Taste Test against Ancient Age & Blantons – Dexter won. Dexter was picked first – way many more times than the others.”

“Thumbs Up.  All Balanced, I like it.
… Mellow on the Finish.”

“That’s solid. WOW that’s silky for sure.

Second sip… very good. It’s good stuff… Well done Gang… Try this one… seek it out!”

“The flavors explode.  Rating: A = All in all a really friendly & approachable whiskey that has a nice portfolio of woods.”

“An intriguing offering. An ultra-smooth mouthfeel & long, lingering finish.”

“Dexter is a gorgeous bottle of rock-solid, All-American, all Bourbon crafted Whiskey, a slam-dunk bargain.”

“Rating: Stands Out! I really dig the mouthfeel!”